Glen Street

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Glen Street
        A 90's born and influenced 5-piece rock band, combining old school and new school, Glen Street originated in New Hartford in 2013, including current members, Nick Vanderwood, Alex Verbickas, Adam Manion and Trent Carrig. Each member began writing songs together at the of age 15, and continue, now at the age 20, to grow after deciding to leave college for the music. 

         Before the current lineup began, former members Max Pfisterer and Will Gordon urged local singer from New York Mills, Nick Vanderwood to join the band back in 2013. His singing career in the area began at age 12, having sung in bands Intermission and Sweet Vendetta, all while performing National Anthems for Boston Celtics Games. When he joined the group, Adam Manion the drummer, Alex Verbickas the guitarist, Dylan Crawford the bassist and keyboardist Trent Carrig, immediately hit it off writing songs. 

         Since the lineup change in 2013, Glen Street has had the opportunity to play with the following National Acts: Nonpoint and Framing Hanley at the Watertown Exhibition Hall,  Pat Travers at the Westcott Theatre, and Korn, Stone Sour and Skillet at the Krockathon 2017 at the Lakeview Ampitheatre. When the members first began writing, their influences were primarily from the 90's, including bands Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime. However, as time went on, their style and influences had gone back in time to what inspired our favorite 90's bands: to the true original rockers of the 60's and 70's. Some of which include, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.                             

          Currently, the band feels it is in our best interest to expand our influences to all types of styles and artists as we grow older, for it is most important to enjoy all types of “genres” for what they truly are as a whole: music.

Press Quotes:

“I have to admit when Glen Street stepped on stage I was not expecting much. When you think five teenagers in a band your mind wanders to boy bands perfectly choreographed into teen heart throbs. When most teenage bands are playing in garages, lucky to play at a school dance, these guys are selling merchandise, recording their first single “Blue”, and opening for national names like Nonpoint. From the opening note you see what separates Glen Street from the boys in the garage. Incredible talent. Nick Vanderwood belts out a note that sounds like it came straight from an 80’s metal band. As impressed as I was by Nick the best surprise of the night was Alex Verbickas on the guitar. I can think of seasoned professionals that can not play like this kid. He looks like he has been doing this for decades. If these guys are this good now I can only imagine what the future will hold for them. Glen Street is going to do big things.”
“There has been a lot of buzz about this group of teens that can really play. Glen Street, Glen Street I keep hearing. So I made it a point to catch their show while at the Utica Music Arts Festival. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Glen Street, named after the street where they started rehearsing together, is comprised of five guys not even old enough to drink legally. Four of them are in high school and one already in college. They have Nick Vanderwood on the Mic, Alex Verbickas on lead guitar, Adam Manion playing rhythm guitar, Dylan Crawford strumming the bass and Will Gordon smashing the skins. These young men can really jam. They remind me of the Seattle bands of the 90’s. Heavy alt/rock beats and a lot of passion. Check out their new single “Blue” for free on their web site. I did and love it. Live, they do a Pearl Jam cover that’ll blow your mind. So much NRG and passion. These guys are the real deal and so young. I am driving out to Albany on November 15 to see them”
"You Guys (Glen Street) are pretty eclectic as far as what you play, it's not just one certain style of music...You guys are really talented...i really think you guys got a great career ahead of you."
"What's really impressive about these guys is that they are all still in high school and yet remain contenders in the local music scene... Glen Street's originals are a modern hard rock/alternative mix and these young dudes really have it going on."